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Iris Night Gtk Theme: v1.1 by TheVirtualDragon Iris Night Gtk Theme: v1.1 by TheVirtualDragon
Iris Night is a fully dark version of the Iris themes, using a bold accent colour with a tinted dark background. It supports Gtk 3.10 and Gtk 3.12 and Gtk 2 (using the Murrine and Pixmap engines).

If you find any bugs, then I'd appreciate it if you could report them on the main Iris Github page with "Iris Night" in the title:

Follow the Iris Project page on Google+:…

Also see the Iris Dark theme: and the Iris Light theme:

The icons are Nitrux: and the shell theme is Elegance Colors:

Happy tweaking :) (Smile)

License: GPL 3.0
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smeto Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
excellent theme!!!

do you plan update it to gtk 3.14?
ion3141 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 9, 2014  New member
Hello, just got this theme and like it very much.

But there seems to be a bug with it on on/off-buttons. See the picture:

EDIT: forgott to mention, this is on gnome 3.12, ubuntu 14.10
TheVirtualDragon Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
It's most likely happening because the names for 'on' and 'off' are quite a bit longer in your language, and so are unable to fit into the switch. I will try to find a solution for this.
ion3141 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  New member
That is strange as "AUS" should have same length as "OFF". same goes for "AN" and "ON".
Anyhow, hoping for a fix.
TheVirtualDragon Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Sorry, I meant the size of the text - your font size is fairly high, so the words in the switch are overflowing. Again, I'll look for a solution.
ion3141 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  New member
ah ok. yes indeed. this is on my htpc connected to a tv. so scaled up everything, especially font.
Thank you for caring about that issue!
fbpuppy Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
Where can I see screenshots of the theme on unity?
TheVirtualDragon Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I'm not sure if this helps, but I got Ubuntu 14.10 running in Virtual box to test out Iris Night:………
fbpuppy Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
It definitely does, thanks a lot.
cryptpedia Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
I had to create an account just to be able to add my feedback about this theme. So here goes:

- purchasing option: though I encourage FOSS, I find that some paid software packages (in this case a theme) get better support and updates from their creator, so if that's the case, I will gladly purchase it;

- are you planning to offer some support for this theme to those who purchase it? I am only interested in tweaking a few details and would just like to know how to quickly find those settings;

- is this theme 100% compatible wit other Linux Distros, like Elementary OS & Freya, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Fedora?

- Would you consider a different (and much easier) payment option, like Bitcoin? Having to purchase points here means creating an account and adding many personal details just to be able to make a purchase. If you would make that process easier, it might bring more purchases. I would gladly send you a payment in Bitcoin (BTC).

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